A growing market for electric heavy-duty vehicles in Europe

The electric truck market is at the beginning of the road to electrification. The number of heavy electric vehicles traveling on the road is still negligible, but the increase in the number of registrations of this type of vehicles is clearly visible.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) estimates that by 2030 the number of electric trucks on European roads will be around 200,000 (today is less than 3,000).


electric trucks (GVW ≥16 t) were
registered in Europe in 2021

+ 0 %

compared to 2020

Zero-emission trucks sales in Europe

(EU 27, UK, Norway and Switzerland)


Factors influencing the success of electrification of the heavy vehicle segment

expansion of dedicated high-power charging infrastructure

launching financial support instruments from public funds

Increasing the environmental awareness of entrepreneurs and consumers

Electric trucks registrations
(GVW ≥ 16 t) in Europe in 2021

Heavy-duty transport in the EU
CO2 emissions

Source: EKO-LOG Project, PSPA

Pollutant emissions

Source: European Commission / Transport & Environment